Best Sex Dolls for Beginners 2024

148cm (4.85ft) TPE Love Doll Japanese Cute Girl Atsuko

Perfect first doll! Thanks for helping me select a good doll for my first time. I’m on the older side so this lighter doll suits my needs perfectly. She’s already the best part of my day.

Japanese Teen Pure Girl Big Chest Sex Dolls Kotomi

A legit doll, I like that she is not as heavy as some of the other ones. I can easily pick her up and move her around my house.

Real Looking TPE Sex Doll Lifelike Skin Kurumi

She is pretty light weight and cheaper among the others but still in good quality. Great! I am still enjoying just looking at her.

2024 Best Elf Sex Dolls

160cm (5.25ft) Real Love Doll for Men Small Chest Jill HM8

The doll itself is perfect, looks like a real elf for sure and feels good quality. It was a 3 week wait to receive my order, and she arrived in good condition in the end. thanks, i have a lot of fun with her.

164cm (5.38ft) Big Bust Silicone Head & Body Real Love Doll Natalie FM6

I love curves so obviously i wanted to get this one, her big eyes are great and i don’t specifically have an elf fetish but i don’t mind it at all, i find it exotic and hot anyway.

Best Blonde Sex Dolls 2024

156cm (5.12ft) Big Chest Christmas Girl Love Doll Daphne

I had a hard time ejaculating before she came into my life. Now I don’t have that problem. It feels like I am in my 20’s. I say hell with real girls. She accepts any sex I want.

158cm (5.18ft) Big Chest Real TPE Love Doll Victoria

Obsessed! I received it within a week and she looks great in person! Great value! I’m satisfied enough that I’m already planning on buying her a friend.

2024 Best Selling Sex Dolls

Big Bust European Silicon Sex Doll RC21062447 Katrina

She is really sexy. Her vagina is perfect, fits perfect and feels like a real vagina. Mouth and ass look great and makes me feel like a man in love. Breasts feel like real ones.

158cm (5.18ft) Big Boobs Japanese Sex Doll RC21062445 Kikyo

It’s been 6 months with my doll and the fun hasn’t slowed. Not much has changed since the day I got her, as far as care and maintenance, she still looks new. Thank you for the buying experience!

Top 3 Tall Sex Dolls in 2024

I was very pleased to find a website with so many tall sex dolls since I’m a taller man myself. She is a perfect match for me and I can say she is even more sexy in person. I’m already addicted and can’t wait to see her every day after work.

171cm ( 5.61ft ) Big Chest Exotic Girl Red Head Aristocrat Sex Doll DQ19052019 Karen

She’s tall, fit, perfect age (which will not change) and the synthetic material allows her to add up to one really impressive woman. Skin feels real, easy to forget you’re not in the company of an actual person!

173cm (5.68ft) Big Boobs Blonde Sex Doll D3051532 Priscilla

I went back and forth on which woman to purchase and am so glad I got this one. She is so beautiful. Her face, skin, breasts, and firm ass are awesome. I bought a bunch of lingerie for her and she looks great in everything! I really enjoy making love to her. She’s so real, it’s amazing!

170cm ( 5.58ft ) Small Breast PREMIUM Sex Doll DM19061121 Linda